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Goodbye Accidental Software Architecture

The most common kind of software architecture is sometimes referred to as accidental architecture. It’s not planned. It’s the accidental result of many implementation decisions, taken from technical viewpoints.

As a result, it’s not well aligned to a corresponding business architecture. When the business changes its architecture, it’s difficult to make corresponding changes to the software architecture. As a result, the business is less agile than it should be.

Welcome Intentional Software Architecture

What you need is an intentional architecture.

It should be business-driven – not technology-driven. It should be intended to fulfil a purpose. For business software, that should be a business purpose.

It should be closely aligned to the corresponding business architecture. That way, it should be easy to adapt it to changes in the business architecture.

It should make the business more agile!

The question is this: How do you go about it? How do you adapt your software architecture to the corresponding business architecture? Even when that business architecture isn’t clearly stated?

Certified Software Architect Microsoft Platform

Learn how to give your customers exactly what they need, even when they don't know what it is!

Rich And Efficient Content

The program consists of 50+ lessons, organized into 7 fundamental themes. Lessons are presented as combinations of text, graphics and videos. It’s web-based using a responsive design, so you can consume it whenever you’re connected using a device of your choice.

Practical Down-To-Earth

The lessons are practical and down-to-earth. Most lessons bring you knowledge and abilities that you can use in real projects right after having completed the lesson. You’ll get access to tools that help you document your architecture and even generate C# code for your service and data contracts.


Intentional architectures require a business-driven approach for setting them up. This idea permeates and is the primary driving force for each and every lesson. You’ll be able to achieve software-to-business alignment even when the business architecture isn’t described.

Optionally, you can be certified as a Certified Software Architect, specializing on the Microsoft Platform. Your certificate will be signed by the program authors and a high-level Microsoft official.

Built on a foundation of 7 themes

Taking you from the unclear requirements you so often get to a business-driven and service-oriented intentional software architecture
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Agile Requirements and Architecture

An agile approach for intentional software architecture

Many claim that an agile approach to development and intentional architecture are incompatible. They are not!

In Certified Software Architect Microsoft Platform you’ll learn about an agile approach for requirement processing and architectural design. One that constantly feeds the development sprints with architected user stories. One that is proven successful in real projects.

What others say

Subscribers who have taken the program
I was ready when the big chance appeared! I had just been certified in the program when I got the task to architect a business-driven approach, based on Information as a Service (IAAS). Now, 2 years later, the entire application portfolio is based on IAAS, all due to the program Certified Software Architect Microsoft Platform. Customer 1 photoDennis Johansson
I have very positive opinions about the program. The first part tought me an awful lot. It filled my toolbox with things I didn't have before. Now I have a support in documentation that was missing for me, and I have a process for turning bad requirements into useful ones. Customer 2 photoDaniel Klingstedt
This program has made me grow personally as well as - even more - professionally. I will truly nurture it, making sure that I'll be getting assignments where my recently acquired knowledge about and enormously increased interest for architecture will come to good use for me, for Sogeti, and above all for our customers' businesses. Customer 3 photoMikael Lindberg

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